Some information about who we are

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Tavistock Country Bus is the operating arm of Tavistock Community Transport Association and we were formed in September 1981.

Two people, Mike Wills and Roy Reynolds joined together with other like minded and concerned people to form TCT as a charitable organisation providing a bus service to all citizens of Tavistock and the surrounding area regardless of age, where commercial services could not operate for financial reasons.

All Tavistock Country Bus staff are volunteers and our bus is maintained to PCV standards, with no financial support from any County Council other than the reclamation of fares from the users of Concessionary Bus Passes. We are also very fortunate that both Cornwall Council and Devon County Council have given us sizeable cash grants in the past to help us purchase replacement vehicles.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Devon County Council for supporting us in the creation of this web site using money from the Department of Transport Sustainable Community Transport Fund.

We have also received a grant from The Big Lottery Fund, The Sobell Foundation, and The Co-operative Community Fund to support our continuing work.

Our bus is registered as a Section 22 vehicle, this has implications for us in that we have to register our services with the Western Area Traffic Office of the Traffic Commissioners and our services have to run as stated in our timetables. Our bus also holds a Class 7 MOT, just the same as a double-decker and is inspected every six weeks to ensure that it is safe to be on the road.

Our intention is replace our buses every five years depending on whether we have the funds to do so. We had to work hard to get the grant aid to buy our current bus in 2014. It cost just under £80,000. When we come to replace our current bus at the end of this decade, costs may have gone up to something like £100,000 so we will have another struggle on our hands then.


All at Tavistock Country Bus are volunteers and we are always looking for new people to join our team as drivers.

As we operate under a Section 22 licence, we do not have to hold PCV licences in order to drive our bus. We do ask potential drivers to have a driving review by our driver trainer and also take you out on a test drive. Providing you have Class D1 on your car licence, you are eligible to drive our bus. Most of our drivers spend two or three days a month driving for us but we don’t mind if you could only manage one day a month, you would still be welcome.

Interested in finding out more? Then please use the contact us page on the web site and we will get in touch.